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SotongFest 2015

SotongFest is an annual event organised by Club Singapore (of the University of Pennsylvania) which serves as a welcome session by current Penn Singaporeans for the incoming batch of Singaporean freshmen. The event aims to provide an opportunity for mingling/bonding between students (recent alumni are welcome too) and for upperclassmen to pass advice on adapting to life in the US/as an international student to underclassmen. Tea will be catered for the event.

- 11 Jul 2015
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SUKA Hari Raya 2015

Celebrate Hari Raya with us! We’ll have great food, entertainment and raffle prizes at Singapore’s (and Malaysia’s…) own Noodle Oodle.

- 18 Jul 2015
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UCLSS Pre-Departure Talk 2015

The annual UCLSS Pre-Departure Talk is organised specifically for students who will be entering UCL in September. We will be delivering informative presentations to address their pre-departure concerns and to give them a better idea of what to expect when term begins this September. After the various informative presentations, we will also have a catered reception for juniors and seniors to interact within their faculty groups as well as orientation groups for camp, thereby promoting cohesion between our society members and making our freshers feel welcome and ready for their academic journey in the United Kingdom.

- 25 Jul 2015
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