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SingSoc Musical Outing: Book of Mormon

Organisers: This musical outing will be organised by the Junior Committee in Singapore Society, which comprises of Year 1 students who are keen to get a taste of what it is like to organise events for SingSoc, and so that they may eventually run for the new executive committee. Attendees: This event will be capped at 65 people to keep the numbers manageable Description: This is a social event for SingSoc members to get together and enjoy one of London's most famous musicals. It will also serve as a End-of-Michaelmas party as it is 1 week before the school term ends. We will proceed to a student hall bar after the musical for everybody to catch up and share their experiences after their first Term in school. This event also hopes to bring together SingSoc members across all batches, Y1 to Y3 and even some Master's students, so that everyone may interact with each other and get to know members outside of their batch.

- 02 Dec 2015
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Caring Hearts

Program of the event consist of 3 parts - 1) Mini Fun Fair - Children will play games at booth manned by Singaporeans. Rubber bands will be given out to them upon completing the task. They can use the rubber bands to exchange for prizes. 2) Christmas Gift Presentation (We get a wish list from the orphanage and will purchase them within a budget of $50 ea) 3) Lunch for the kids ------------------------------------------------------- Strengthen bonds amongst Singaporeans living in South Korea through the planning, organization and execution of the event. - 1. A network of Singaporeans who have indicated their support and willingness to contribute to the event will be created and we can continue to cultivate the relationship through email correspondences, FB interactions and/or other social media tools. 2. As manpower and resources are required in the event’s planning, preparation and execution stage we are positive that stronger bonds amongst Singaporeans living in Seoul will be forged as we do things together such packing and sorting presents for the children, getting the props ready for the mini-fun fair and facilitating the mini fun fair on the day of the event.

- 05 Dec 2015
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VinE AGM-Winter Ice Skating!

VinE's AGM 2016 is where the current batch of exco members step down and pass the role on to the incoming committee for 2016/17. Here, speeches will be made and votes will be casted by Victorians to elect their new President, Vice President and other exco members. It also serves as a platform for the current exco members to summarize the years' events, our learning points, and how we can improve on VinE's operations and VinE's role as an educator to current VJC students. After the AGM, the exco has decided to have an additional winter event - ice skating in London! This will serve as an opportunity for Victorians to bond over ice skating and enjoy each other's company as we think of our loved ones back at home.

- 05 Dec 2015
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